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Remote Power Systems is a Stevensville based, local solar company serving residential and rural home owners in western Montana. We are dedicated to providing honest and affordable solar solutions to our neighbors across this beautiful state… click here to learn more.

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Why Switch Solar Power In Montana?

Grid Tied Solar Montana
Scott from Missoula completely offset his power bill!

1. Incredible Financial Savings

Switching to solar in Montana means paying less for your power than from the utility. In addition, you’ll receive a amazing State and Federal Incentives on your entire purchase. Solar is a great way to save money, and increase your home value.

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2. A Smart Investment

Remote Power Systems offers industry leading equipment with up to 25 year guarantees. For most Montana home owners, this means that upgrading to solar is guaranteed savings for your family.

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The Cummings family are saving big with the PV Power Pod

Montana Solar Power
The Stevens’ have a bright vision for Montana’s future. 

3. Unlimited Renewable Energy

Remote Power Systems aims to give new meaning to the “treasure state”. Montana’s solar potential pars that of sunny Florida and we believe it’s our state’s greatest resource. It’s easy to become one of the hundreds of home owners joining the solar revolution!

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